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Individual Therapy

The psychodynamic approach is derived from psychoanalysis, where psychological problems are believed to be rooted in the unconscious mind. Experiences from a person's past can influence thoughts, emotions and behaviour in later life. A therapist will aim to build an accepting and trusting relationship, encouraging you to talk about your childhood relationships with your parents and other significant people. Also by using techniques such as free association, interpretation and transference to identify repressed feelings or conflicts that are affecting you now. Brining these to the front of your mind allows any negative feelings to be dealt with.

Couples Therapy

Relationship therapy encourages the parties in a relationship to recognise repeating patterns of distress and to understand and manage troublesome differences that they are experiencing. It focuses on facilitating changes in behaviour by learning new ways of communication, understanding and accepting differences and becoming aware of how our past can influence the present.


My areas of experience:

Low Mood/Depression

Anxiety / Stress

Trauma / PTSD

Addiction (drugs, alcohol, sex, porn, internet)    

Eating disorders

Anger management


Relationship Issues

Fertility problems

Self harm    

Sexuality or Identity

Sexual abuse

Domestic violence

Personality disorders

Gender Dysphoria

Low self-esteem / confidence

Phobias /Paranoia

Disabilities / Discrimination

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